UAB Freda produces cabinet furniture made of particle board, MDF (medium density fibreboard), lightweight cellular panel and combination furniture. The main products are living room, hallway and office furniture. The bulk of the furniture consists of chests of drawers, shoe boxes, cabinets, shelves, etc. It is produced by painting with pigmented paints or by coating with decorated paper.

All the equipment used in the company is manufactured by the most renowned and innovative Western European equipment manufacturers, such as "Homag", "Ima", "Hymmen" (Germany), "Cefla" (Italy) and "Barberan" (Spain). The use of modern and efficient technologies and equipment, as well as their timely updating, help the company to compete in the global market with its products. 

The company has a production management system in place, which allows the production process to be monitored and controlled in real time. Only correct and timely data can enable accurate analysis of production costs and reduce production costs